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Thông tin tuyển dụng của công ty SGS Việt Nam

    SGS Vietnam is recruiting for 4 lab technician and 1 QA lab.

Job Description:

• For Lab tech position:

  - Performs the test in compliance with the clients provided manuals and SOP's

 - Performs a regular checking of the equipments to be used (calibration and verification compliance) - Keeps abreast of the updated test standards and procedures

 - Communicates with Customer service staffs for any unclear information that will affect the testing

 - Communicates with Report team for all information related to test results

 - Monitors the testing deadlines/due dates as specified in the test request

 - Ensures that the consumables required for testing are readily available for testing and properly monitored in terms of inventory level - Performs correlation test/proficiency tests when needed

 - Ensures that the equipments being used are properly cleaned and maintained

 - Maintains laboratory documents/records in compliance with ISO 17025 principles

 - Ensures that the tests being done are performed in compliance with the company's Integrity principles

 - Other tasks as maybe assigned

• For QA lab position:

  - Establish and maintain Quality policy and quality procedure of ISO 17025 system

 - Regularly review and update Quality policy/ quality procedure and inform all Laboratory for implementation

 - Perform development, implementation and maintenance of Quality Management System and, to ensure that quality requirements are not subordinated to any prejudicial interests.

 - Periodically check compliance of Laboratory, check operation status of Laboratory equipment/ tools and report all non-conformities to Lab Manger; observe/ monitor corrective actions of these non-conformities until they are closed

 - Support Laboratory Manager in training personnel on all matters affecting Quality Management and Quality Improvement.

 - Support Laboratory on external calibration

 - Conduct annually Internal Quality Audits, Managament review and maintain appropriate records, follow up the implementation of corrective and preventive actions and solutions.

 - Coordinate with Laboratory Manager in planning, registering, shipping and reporting the results of proficiency testing programs.

 - Support business in handling client complaint.

 - Recommend and initiate action to prevent the occurrence of quality system or operational nonconformity’s

 - Look into continous improvement.


  - B Garment or Textile Engineering, Garment Technology, Chemical Engineering or any related degree

  - Fresh graduate can be accepted

 - Had lab experience is preferable

 - Basic computer and English skills Benefit

 - Meal allowance: 1,000,000vnd/month

 - Assurance paid based on gross salary

 - Annual leave: 18 days/year 

 - Holiday bonus: 2,000,000vnd/day (1/1, 30/4, 2/9)

 - Birthday gift, money for other holidays by company and union

 - Travel and health check every year

Additional Information:

 - Working time: from Mon to Sat with 2 shifts: 1st shift from 8am - 17pm, 2nd shifts from 12:30 - 21h30 pm

 - Address: Tan Binh Lab, 19/5A, Tay Thanh St., Tan Phu Ward, HCMC

 - Contact: 0938792549 (Ms.Thảo)

 - Website: https://www.sgs.vn/



Địa chỉ: 227 Nguyễn Văn Cừ, Q.5, TP.HCM.

ĐT: (028) 38355270

Website: http://chemistry.hcmus.edu.vn


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