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Overview 1     

     The Faculty of Chemistry trains students in two undegraduate, five master’s, and three PhD programs. The undergraduate programs include the regular program (1000 students), and Vietnamese–French joint program (dual degrees) (50 students). All undergraduate programs are full-time and credits-based courses within eight semesters in four years.


(1)   Training institution: University of Science, VNU-HCM

(2)   Names of the training programs: 

+ In Vietnamese: Hóa học 

+ In English: Chemistry

(3)   Training mode: regular and full-time

(4)   Program code: D440112

(5)   Eligible applicants: students with high school diploma

(6)   Admission:

+ Accepting students based on their national high chool graduation examination scores in combination 1 (mathematics, physics, chemistry) or combination 2 (mathematics, biology, chemistry).

+ Accepting students based on special conditions as regulated by the Ministry of Education & Training (Oustanding academic achievement such as finalist in National or International Chemistry Olympiads).

(7)   Education level: university

(8)   Study length: 4 years (8 semesters)

(9)   Course credit number requirement: minimum 143

(10)      Study process and graduation conditions: Students completing a course credits-based program of at least 143 credits from mandatory and elective courses and 8 credits from physical and military education courses are recognized as eligible for graduation.

(11)      Score scale: 10.0

(12)      Degree title:

+ In Vietnamese: Cử nhân Hóa học 

+ In English: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 

(13)  Qualification classification upon study completion:

Grade point average

Qualification classification

9 to 10


8 and above but under 9


7 and above but under 8


6 and above but under 7

Upper ordinary

5 and above but under 6


4 and above but under 5


less than 4


(14)  Job opportunities: Graduates with the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree can find careers in research & development, quality control, business, management, and teaching in all chemistry-related fields including chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, environment, health, and materials. Potential employers include research institutions, quality control centres, manufacturing factories, science and technology businesses, universities and other education institutions.

(15) Expected learning outcomes

Upon completing the programs, students will have achieved the following knowledge, skills, and attitudes:

1. Ability to use basic knowledge of natural and social sciences as the logical/reasoning foundation to resolve practical problems in chemistry-related fields

2. Ability to use basic and advanced knowledge in chemistry as the logical/reasoning foundation to resolve practical problems in chemistry-related fields

3. Ability to apply in-depth knowledge in the fields of chemistry including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry, and medicinal chemistry

4. English language proficiency for general and academic purposes

5. General and chemistry-related computer fluency for social communication and work purposes

6. Knowledgability and ability to apply professional knowledge and skills in chemistry-related problems

7. Skills in using laboratory and other essential equipment and tools to resolve chemistry-related problems

8. Effective thinking and scientific research skills towards an independent research capacity, and a lifelong learning attitude/motivation towards quick adaptation and integration into the work environments after graduation

9. Cultural awareness and work ethics, civic responsibility, understanding of the laws and law-abiding attitutde, and understanding of the socio-economic issues

10. Ability to organize and plan works, work independently and in a team, communicate effectively in science, participate effectively in professional activities and social communication

11. Ability to analyze and evaluate the social conditions relevant to works and the fields

12. Ability to analyze, evaluate, design, and execute specific projects (method, manufacturing process, product, etc.)


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Address: 227 Nguyen Van Cu, District 5, HCMC.

Tel: (+848) 38354394 - (+848) 38304380



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